“I had the great pleasure of collaborating with Pam at Neo4j and I always admired her for her exceptionally creative copy wizardry. Pam has an undeniable talent for crafting engaging and compelling content, and a keen understanding of how to structure technical content for general and technical audiences alike for maximum impact.” — Product Marketing Lead

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Pam on various creative and content development projects at HDS. She thoughtful and creative marketing person and a very capable project manager. On each project we collaborated on, Pam took charge and expertly guided the entire process from start to a successful on-time completion. The resulting content and assets we created were consistently very high-quality and compelling.” — Head of Global Product Marketing, Applications & Cloud Solutions

Thomson Reuters Elite

“Pam has a natural grasp of complex B2B software and does a great job at developing product and corporate messaging/positioning to explain the value proposition and competitive differentiation in compelling ways. She was always extremely detail oriented while having a full picture perspective. She has a strategic mindset and consistently looks for ways to build upon and improve communications programs in line with changing business environments. Working with Pam was always a pleasure – she is a great team player as well as a leading force who inspires confidence and trust. I would be glad to work with her again.”  — Head of Public Relations


“Pam’s work handling outside PR for SinglePoint (acquired telecom startup) demonstrated to me…in no uncertain terms…her ability to handle multiple tasks with ease, to develop and maintain the right relationships with the right people, and to think creatively to boost visibility in new ways, even on short notice. I’ve been particularly impressed by her attention to detail, her efficiency and her responsiveness, on a personal basis as well as professionally. I would not hesitate to hire Pam again.” — Head of Marketing


“I had the good fortune of working with Pam on Tier B and Tier A marketing launches at Neo4j. On both occasions, Pam was a trusted partner for the web assets I produced. She structured the destination pages based on a strategic understanding of the target personas and where they are in the journey. She is an excellent editor who successfully conveyed launch ideas in pithy but impactful titles, headings, and paragraphs that tell a clear, compelling story. She played an instrumental role in the updated definition of our buyer personas and their journeys, which feed into a critical marketing campaign to generate qualified leads.” — Product Marketing Lead


“I had the pleasure of collaborating with Pam on several projects. We worked together to develop B2B content for eBooks, presentations, datasheets, blog posts, success stories, and web pages. In addition to developing content with her, I appreciated her insight to projects she did not work on. She was always happy to provide feedback and jump in to help the team. Pam is detail-oriented, strategic-minded, and produces excellent work. She is a team player and I hope I have a chance to work with her again.” — Director of Product Marketing


“Pam was hired to provide the strategy and execution of several content marketing initiatives. She joined and was ready to take on driving a results-oriented marketing communications strategy. In her time at Everbridge, she managed a graphic designer and content marketing writer to execute new content for product collateral, press releases and lead generation programs. She did an excellent job and I would absolutely recommend Pam for any executive marketing position or consulting engagement.”   — Head of Product Marketing



“I’ve had a chance to work with Pam as both a colleague and a customer. Her experience and eye for detail is outstanding. She spotted things with our marketing content we hadn’t even considered. Our collateral certainly benefited greatly from her attention. I would definitely recommend her services.” — Founder & CTO